Cyril Ramaphosa is on LinkedIn. Yes, really


The Presidency of South Africa has announced that the country’s sitting president Cyril Ramaphosa is now on LinkedIn.

A report on ITWeb says that the presidency has confirmed that the account in question is genuine and that Ramaphosa is on LinkedIn in his personal capacity.

Number One on LinkedIn

According to a tweet from the official Twitter account of the Presidency Of South Africa, citizens can expect “regular updates on the work of the Presidency and Government, public engagements, some thought leadership content, and the weekly “From the desk of the President” newsletter. (Let’s hope that last item proves more popular than the other “From The Desk Of…” column we covered today.)

Unfortunately, there’s no opportunity for us rank and file folk to connect to the president – a pity, because that would look great on a CV. Well, at least the account hasn’t been created because Cyril’s currently looking for a new job. At least, we hope not…


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