Donald Trump’s blog has tanked


Donald Trump continues to battle to maintain his online presence after reports emerged that his much-touted blog is pretty much deader than disco at this stage.

The Former US president launched his blog called From The Desk Of Donald Trump in May after he was thrown off of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at the beginning of the year, following the Capitol Hill riots. The ban has remained in place as the Don has continued to push his baseless claims that the US elections were fraudulent and that he actually won.

Trump’s return face-plants

Back in March, a former aide to the former president said that he’d be returning the online space in mere months and that what he had planned was going to be “the hottest ticket on social media.”

Well, according to The Washington Post, his latest efforts online show a continued slide to “toward online irrelevance.”

When it was launched, the blog boasted 159,000 total social media interactions on its first day. However, the next day, these interactions dropped to 30,000, and they haven’t been more than 15,000 a day since, according to a data review carried out by The Washington Post in conjunction with online analytics firms.

Just to put this in perspective, the Post points out that the blog has fewer visitors than the pet-adoption service Petfinder and the recipe site Delish.

While there may be many who find this state of affairs hilarious, it’s a timely reminder of how easily a voice can be diminished if it’s thrown off the major social media platforms. Just think: Trump used to be able to dominate the news cycle with a tweet. Now, he’s been consigned to a quieter corner of the internet and hardly a fraction of the number of people who voted for him can be bothered to drop by for a visit.


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