Audi reveals pilot for fast-charge EV stations


Audi has recently released a concept for a premium fast-charge hub for Audi EV drivers to charge their cars.

Rather than charging directly from a city’s power grid, these hubs will have lithium-ion batteries that charge over night. Customers can charge up their cars from this bank, leaving the grid unaffected. The German manufacturer plans to bring the concept to reality later this year in (you guessed it) Germany.

Audi EV charging: better, faster, stronger

Audi already has a few EV’s on the market, with a slew incoming in the next few years. So it would follow that it wants to go in big on EV tech. The company also knows that the rise in EV availability and popularity means the requirements for their “charging infrastructure” are growing too. Result: the hub concept.

Each hub will have a series of lithium-ion batteries with a top capacity of 2.45 MWh worth of power. This nets you six charging stations with top charging outputs of 300 kW. This, according to the automaker, should get your battery from 5% to 80% in around 25 minutes. To keep the pressure off of a city’s grid these batteries are charged over night, when its at its least active. Additionally, each hub has roof-fitted solar panels to top the batteries off. Very clever, Audi.

Additionally, these hubs can be uprooted, transported, and installed at “any individual location quickly.”

Audi customers will be able to reserve/book charging stations, but walk-ins from other brands will be allowed to use un-booked stations too. While customers are waiting for their batteries to fill up, they can hang out in a neat little lounge area, where they can relax, read a magazine, or enjoy some snacks.

The plan is for the pilot to launch in Germany in Q3 of this year. Based on the results of the pilot, Audi will adjust its plans for full rollout accordingly.


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