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Electric cars are here – but we’ll still need fuel for a long time

Electric cars are often seen as one of the great hopes for tackling climate change. With new models arriving in showrooms, major carmakers retooling for an electric future, and a small but growing number of consumers eager to convert from gas guzzlers, EVs appear to offer a way for us to decarbonise with little change to our way of life.

Volkswagen announces a ‘cheaper’ EV aimed at the masses called the ID 3

If there is one thing to complain about living in South Africa -- it’s the total lack of affordable EVs. Here's hoping the new Volkswagen ID 3 comes here.

Stuffed Ep 10 – Holger Hampf, Head Of BMW Designworks, on the future of mobility

Stuff editor Craig Wilson talks to Holger Hampf, the head of BMW Designworks, at the LA Auto Show 2018 about the future of mobility and BMW’s Vision iNext, whether the company is leaving it too late to join the all-electric SUV fray, and the challenges of innovating while maintaining BMW’s brand identity and respecting its heritage. Catch up on previous episodes of Stuffed over here. O...[Read More]

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