Samsung shows off foldable display tech


Whether foldable display tech turns out to be a neat gimmick or something that consumers are prepared to invest in remains unclear at this time, but Samsung is pressing ahead with its plans to go large with it, as indicated in a patent it registered back in April.

The South Korean company recently showed off a range of OLED panels as part of Display Week (which runs through until this Friday) and part of the showcase was the multi-foldable mobile display.

Samsung folds into the future

Spotted by SamMobile, the Samsung Display’s S-Foldable (as it is called) is a foldable display that when completely opened is a 7.2″ screen, which could easily be a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Z Fold2. It’s a bi-folding device that, at its smallest looks like a smartphone, at half-fold looks like a tablet and as has been pointed out, at full size is a 7-inch screen.

As The Verge points out, while Samsung Display is division of Samsung Electronics, it is in the habit of producing display tech for both its parent company and other consumer tech companies, so whether this technology will be exclusive to Samsung devices or find its way into other manufacturers’ plans is up in the air at the minute.

One thing that is pretty certain at this stage is that it’s likely to come with a pretty hefty price tag. Mind you, if you want the future, you’d better be prepared to pay a premium for it.



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