Samsung patents foldable phone with 3 displays


Samsung is going all-in on folds it seems, and has secured a 52-page patent for a “Foldable device including electronic pen”, reports LetsGoDigital. And this foldable phone has three displays.

Samsung’s triple-threat foldable

Samsung Double Fold

Image: LetsGoDigital

That’s right. Three individual displays. That’s a lot of screen space. The phone appears to have a double-hinged design, and, when fully opened, looks to have one large display framed by two smaller ones. The combination of the three results in a larger single display. The left and right screens fold inwards, like a pair of doors, laying atop the centre screen. The patent images also show a possible “outward folding” feature, where the side screens fold to the back of the phone while remaining connected to the main display. Kinda like an extension of Xiaomi’s Waterfall Display. Whether this mode will act as one quasi-360° display or a main-screen-auxiliary-screen set up is unknown.

Samsung also visualizes a magnetic S Pen for this device. The S Pen slots between the side screens when they’re closed, connecting magnetically. When connected, wireless charging kicks in. If both screens are folded down, the S Pen gets high-charging. If only one is folded, then standard charging engages instead.

The patent document also outlines a few other tricks and gimmicks. There’s a pretty standard in-display fingerprint sensor, a dual-camera set up on the back, and not just one but two selfie cameras. Two hinges, two extra screens, two selfie cameras… seems appropriate.

Of course, the whole thing is only conceptual for now. All Samsung has done is patent it, there’s a more than a fair chance that it never makes it to market. And while one might question why someone would need a triple-folding phone, you can’t deny that it looks pretty cool.

Source: AndroidAuthority


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