Pick n Pay owes customers R200 million in Smart Shopper points


Pick n Pay, organiser of perhaps one of the best known loyalty programs in South Africa, claims that customers are sitting on a treasure trove of value. The Smart Shopper program, which allows Pick n Pay customers to acquire “points” whenever they purchase groceries, has accrued R200 million in value and from the sounds of things no-one is spending their share. People are developing their points and squirreling them away for a rainy day, it seems.

Pick n Pay is now actively asking people to spend their smart shopper points because… well, why not? It looks great for them as it’s a very clear marker of how successful the program is and users can hopefully get some vegetables or something for free. What’s most baffling is that R200 million in points was built over over the course of a single year.

Pick n Pay out

You should ideally be taking Pick n Pay, which also just set up its own mobile network, up on its offer. While Smart Shopper points can be used as a supplement for cash (if you have enough) they do eventually expire. Would kinda suck to have bought all those rolls of toilet paper only to have the opportunity of acquiring one for free slip right through your fingers.

According to Business Insider, the Smart Shopper program has proven highly successful for Pick n Pay. There are over 8.5 million active Smart Shopper members who swipe their special card for 75% of all sales. Of course, when you know that and you compare that to the amount of points currently sitting in the collective bank, that means there’s an average of R20 available for every user.

How much are KitKats again?


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