Pick n Pay launches its own mobile network service. Sure, why not?


With Checkers Sixty60 having thoroughly blown everyone away this year, Pick n Pay has no doubt felt a little left out. So to makes sure they’re more involved in the conversation, it’s gone ahead and announced it’s own mobile network service. PnP Mobile will piggyback on MTN’s established infrastructure and will be tied into Pick n Pay’s loyalty system. Basically, if you use your smart shopper card you can earn some data to use for PnP Mobile which actually doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. We’ll speak more on this in a second, but first, let’s get through some of the general details.

So if you sign up for PnP Mobile you’ll be provided with your very own sim card which will be used to load your data and network rewards. It works in tandem with your smart shopper card, the thing you swipe for some neat in-store rewards. Now, if you have that PnP Mobile sim when you swipe your card you’ll both earn smart shopper points and data. Every R10 will net you 5MB of data, meaning if you do a truly massive shop you needn’t worry all that much about running out of data. There is a cap on the maximum amount of data you can earn each month as the press release sent out said, “A tiered rewards system for Smart Shopper customers will enable them to earn up to 2.5GB in free data rewards each month.”

Pick n Pay? More like Quick n Pay

So how does one go about setting up their PnP Mobile sim card? Well, you can ask for one at any Pick n Pay (that includes Express, Clothing and Liquor stores) and have it set up through Pick n Pay’s paperless RICA facility which will be available in over 500 stores nationwide at launch. Then you just need to connect your Sim card to your shopper card and you’re set.

Oh, and you’ll need to top up your PnP Mobile SIM card with at least R50 over a 30-day period to qualify for any rewards. Which sounds like a subscription service with extra steps and certainly something worth keeping in your mind. While you might be getting data for free, you’re still paying to access it. Always a catch though, right?

The amount of data you’re rewarded does depend on your PnP Mobile spend. The amount of data you get back depends on your “tier”. We’ve got a break down the different tiers based on monthly mobile spend right here so you have a better idea of what you can expect.

Pick n Pay

“This is an outstanding innovation for our customers, and we’re very excited about the extra benefits they will earn. Innovation has been absolutely central to creating South Africa’s favourite loyalty programme and this new Smart Shopper innovation means that customers walk out our stores with affordable groceries, points on their card and now free data on their PnP Mobile SIM card,” said Richard van Rensburg, Chief Technology and Services Officer at Pick n Pay.


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