Spotify may soon be launching its own paid podcast subscription service


Last week at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the tech-maker announced plans for paid podcast subscriptions (with Apple taking a healthy cut of proceedings). Spotify, it seems, might follow suit by launching a similar offering for its users. It might be time to dust off that podcast idea and finally start recording.

Spotify hits the spot

All the more because the anonymous sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal have claimed that Spotify, unlike Apple, won’t be taking a percentage of potential revenue, nor is there supposed to be a fee involved in setting yourself up to take payments. In addition, podcasters will be allowed to set their own pricing for the subscription.

That’s assuming the report is true, however. If it is, it might be announced as soon as some time this week, but Spotify doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to confirm anything. The report also claims that iOS users will be steered outside of the iOS app, so that Apple doesn’t get any percentage of the streaming service’s transactions that way. You know, the same tactic that put Apple and Fortnite developer Epic Games at each other’s throats?

If true, Spotify’s tactics could throw a small spanner in Apple’s works. Many podcast creators will tend to gravitate towards the music streaming service’s offerings, simply because they will retain more of their earnings. But Apple’s policy of charging creators, while it might cut down on the number of creators participating, might also result in better quality subscription podcasts on the Apple Podcast service.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Engadget


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