MTN will give you cheaper data according to your ‘market segment’


It’s an age-old pricing strategy, in which the same product will retail for more or less according to the location it’s sold and the target market it’s aimed at. Now MTN has announced that it is displaying specific data offers to people according to their market segment. 

According to MyBroadband, which tested the network’s data offers on three different accounts, the mobile operator’s 30-day prepaid data bundle prices may go for 10% to 50% less than the listed price according to the user. “On three prepaid SIMs MyBroadband was able to buy 1GB of monthly prepaid data for R89 – 10% cheaper than MTN’s current headline price of R99,” MyBroadband explains. 

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When asked about its pricing strategy, the operator detailed that it tries to “… offer personalised data products and services based on each customers usage behaviour and segment.” The operator has worked to include a variety of data bundle offers categorised as WFH, EverydayGigs, Combo bundles and Pulse bundles. 

Then there’s also MyTown bundles that reduced data prices on a regional level and will change according to where a user lives. But the pricing the researchers saw was based on personalised bundles. 

“MTN continuously seeks opportunities to reduce data pricing through the launch of innovative products and services to ensure affordable access to data for all our customers,” says MTN.


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