LG smartphones may be (almost) gone, but Android updates are promised for up to three years


LG V60LG, you might have heard, has officially pulled out of the smartphone game. Which is rather sad for us, because the company was just starting to get whacky (and their V-series phones were also under-appreciated).

You might be a little concerned about the fate of your current device if you’re an LG user. After all, if the company isn’t making phones, will they continue to support them? The answer to that is: yes. For a while.

LG long term

The company has promised that some of its currently-available smartphones will continue to receive software support, in the form of Android updates, for a period of three years (from the year of purchase). So if you bought your phone in 2019, your last (official) OS update will be in 2022.

Which is still long enough for the devices to be surpassed by other hardware on market. But it only applies to some of LG’s product lines — if you’re using a G series, V series, Velvet or Wing created after 2019, then the three-year commitment applies to you.

The company’s Stylo and K series handsets, which are a little more budget-minded, from 2019 onwards, will receive two OS updates — depending on whether Google’s new operating systems are compatible with the hardware.

LG will finally exit the smartphone market by the end of July this year. The company is continuing to manufacture hardware until then, because it still has orders to fulfil for contract partners. Technically, you’ll be able to buy LG-branded smartphones for a while yet — until inventory runs out, anyway.


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