The Great Outdoors: Stuff’s top 10 Camping Gear


You smell that, kids? That’s the scent of adventure wafting through the mountains straight into your nose holes! There’s nothing like venturing out into the wild and living amongst nature but before you head out on your wilderness quest, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on some of that vital kit. So we’ve gone ahead an compiled a list of all the essential equipment you’ll need to make the most out of your camping trip.

Energizer Vision HD Headlight


R245 | Takealot

We’ve all had those moments when you’re out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night, hands filled with a variety of food and an assortment of eating utensils. You need to wash up but there’s no space in your hands for a torch. This is where Energizer’s excellent Vision HD Headlight comes in. Generating 300 lumens that shine in four different modes with a maximum distance of 55m, if you kick your toe while wearing this thing that’s entirely your fault.

OZtrail Portable Fan and LED Light

R400 Camp Craft

Nature is great, right? So tranquil and quiet. Yet also, especially in South Africa, uncomfortably warm. If you’re stuck in a tent during one of those long summer nights, you really need to keep cool with a portable fan. Better yet, that slight breeze washing over you will also do wonders when it comes to avoiding the attacks of bloodthirsty mosquitos. This OZtrail fan is perfect for cooling down and comes with the added bonus of an LED lighting, meaning those mozzies won’t be able to get close while you’re reading your favourite book before lights out.

Cadac Skottel Braai

R900 | Outdoor Warehouse

Do we really need to explain this one to you? What’s better than rolling out your tent in the morning to stand at the skottel and fry up some bacon and eggs. Sure, you could do it on a braai but you need to so much extra kit to do it properly and a skottel is just so much easier to pack up and carry around. They’re also really useful during bouts of loadshedding, but that’s a story for another time.

Naturehike Ultralight Cotton Sleeping Bag

R580 | Naturehike

If you’re particular idea of camping is hiking for several days through a beautiful set of mountains (it sounds crazy, but genuinely fulfilling) then you’ll want one of these ultralight sleeping bags. While they may not be as warm as down sleeping bags, add in some warm PJs and maybe a blanket and you’ll be fine. Seriously, the standard size of one of these sleeping bags only weighs 680g. Perfect for long walks or people wanting to pack light.

Campmaster Dome 320 Tent

R700 | Makro

A tent is one of the pieces of equipment that you never cut costs with. It’s always better to go for a solid brand of tent rather than cheap out and end up sleeping in the rain. The Campmaster Dome 320 is a solid all-purpose tent that will fit two adults (and probably double as many kids) that is UV resistant, comes with internal storage pockets and only weighs 2.6kg. It’s also not even all that expensive, making it even more appealing.

Intex Fiber-Tech Pillow Rest Raised Bed

R1,200 | Outdoor Warehouse

While you’ve made sure you’re cosily hiding away from the wilderness in your nifty tent, you still need a good night’s sleep. While some enjoy stretchers, we’ll take an inflatable mattress any day of the week. Specifically this Intex Fiber-Tech inflatable bed which from our experience is just everything you could ask for. It might be a bit large for your purposes but the inclusion of a built-in pillow and electric pump and an inflation time of around 3 minutes, its just so conveniently comfy.

Intex 230 Quick-Fill Ac Electric Pump

R300 | Takealot

While many inflatable mattresses these days come with built-in electric pumps, it does mean that everyone has that kind of tech. Most people are probably still relying on that inflatable bed they bought years ago (a good one of those lasts longer than you’d expect). So to make inflating it an absolute breeze, you should invest in the Intex 230 Quick-Fill Electric Pump. It’ll take a job you always dread and turn it into an afterthought it no time.

E35UE Fenix Flashlight

R830 | Fenix Shop

Yes, we know. We’d prefer to call it a torch too but names can be a funny thing. In any case, this little sucker is one monstrous handheld light. Within such a small body, measuring only 122mm long, the E23UE Fenix Flashlight generates 1000 lumens. Basically, if you’re lost in the woods and need to somehow signal the helicopter that you need a pick up, just shine this up into the sky like a personal Bat Signal. That should do the trick.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask

R879 |

We’ve made our appreciation for the Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask plain in the past but the last time we saw this handy device was in a loadshedding list. Yet it also works wonderfully outdoors, especially because it’s so sturdy and difficult to break. Lots of things fall over in nature and you ideally want a flask that isn’t going to leak all its water out when that happens. That’s why you get the Stanley.

Kindle Touch 2019

R2,500 | Incredible Connection

We’ve gone on record that the Kindle is one our favourite pieces of tech possibly of all time. It’s great at home but even better when you’re out camping. Books are great and all but they have a tendency to be ruined when they’re throw into a back pack. The Kindle Touch will store all your “To Reads” with ease and comes with a 167 ppi glare-free display so you’ll be able to read no matter what. There’s also the bonus of adjusting font sizes, defining words you don’t recognise and even translations. What more could you need?


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