Spotify introduces “Mixes”, a new form of personalised playlists


Spotify’s Daily Mixes is one of its best features, mashing your recent jams with similar tracks to provide you with a playlist that expands your musical horizons while still making sure you’re never more than one or two tracks away from something familiar. Every. Single. Day. The format has been one of the music streaming platform’s most prominent and popular features for some time, the perfect embodiment of Spotify’s commitment to personalizing you listening experience.

Spotify’s keeping you in the mix

Now, to add to that experience, Spotify would like you to meet “Mixes”, a familiar name for a new set of personalized playlists. These mixes begin with songs you already like and are gradually updated with songs it thinks you’ll love. Now, it’s true, algorithms can be very hit or miss with this kind of thing, but in our experience we’ve come to believe that Spotify knows us and our tastes pretty well.

Mixes come in three flavours: Artist mix, genre mix, and decade mix. The names are pretty self-explanatory, making it pretty clear what you can expect from them. Each one will feature a few different playlists centered around the overhanging theme of the mix. The core of a mix is based on your listening habits, much like the Daily Mix. Then Spotify sprinkles in some tracks it thinks you’ll appreciate from the same artist, genre, or decade. Mixes are constantly being updated, so your playlists will grow with you and your tastes, always offering something fresh for your ears.

The feature is available to Free and Premium users alike. To find a mix, head over to “Search” in the “Made For You” section of the Spotify app. Then you’re good to go. And speaking of the app, have you seen its new look on desktop?


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