Dota: Dragon’s Blood shows off a longer trailer ahead of its month-end launch


There are now two prominent video game properties that deal with dragon’s blood and we reckon the upcoming Dota: Dragon’s Blood is far less of an acquired taste than Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Last month we saw a teaser for the Netflix series based on the popular Valve-owned video game with a massive payday.

This month, ahead of the 25 March launch, we’ve got a much longer look at what’s coming. And what’s coming looks like it doesn’t need 1600 hours in Dota 2 (that’s an actual Stuff total for a certain member of staff) to appreciate.

It’s in the blood

Dota: Dragon’s Blood seems like a more-or-less typical fantasy anime series, one that will offer more to fans of the game but which won’t prove too obtuse for people who aren’t long-time fans of the popular MOBA.

Ancient goddesses, arcane objects, vast conflicts and conspiracies and more than a little betrayal seem to be in store for Dragon Knight Davion and the folks who are almost certain to form a JRPG-like party around him. Book One of the series concerns Selemene, the Goddess of the Moon, and it seems there’s some strangeness in store for believers and outsiders alike.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood launches on Netflix on 25 March this year.


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