Halo Infinite is looking good in these fresh new 4K screenshots


Halo, understandably, has a massive fanbase. A committed following filled with hope and high expectations for every new release, expectations that (for the most part) the series has been able to meet. Which is why when we got their first look at Halo Infinite last July, as cool as the gameplay looked, we were a little disappointed with the quality of the visuals.

Halo is often touted as the factor that draws people in to buying an Xbox console. The two brands are inextricably linked, and Infinite will be the Xbox Series X’s first title in the series. With all the power packed into the console, fans were understandably expecting something gorgeous out of July’s demo. Nothing was truly bad, mind you, but it did little to sell the game as a next-gen experience. Visuals were just… fine. But not special, not breathtaking, not the way they should have been.

Halo… Is it me you’re looking for?

Halo Infinite

Image: 343 Industries

However, 343 Industries has recently shared screenshots of an in-development PC version of Infinite in all its 4K glory, and it looks… gorgeous. The screenshots showcase sweeping scenes of broken Halo rings floating through space, and Forerunner architecture pocketed into the quiet beauty of a forested mountainside. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

After the demo last year, Halo Infinite was subsequently delayed to 2021 to ensure that it will truly be ready for release. It’s worth keeping in mind that you probably won’t be able to match these views perfectly without the right hardware: either an Xbox Series X or a beefy PC.

Similarly, screenshots are one thing but it remains to be seen how the visuals fare when you’re actually running around amid a hail of bullets, explosions, and Warthogs flying over your head. Time will tell. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release in August. While you wait for it, head on over to the Halo Waypoint Blog to see all of the screenshots in full size.

Source: The Verge



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