Halo Infinite was finally shown off last night and it looks COOL


It’s the one game Microsoft can always hurl at those Sony fans who get a little too boisterous. “Yes, you have The Last of Us…and Spider-Man…and Uncharted. BUT. Do ya’ll have Masterchief and his very good adventures on space rings? Ha, thought not.”

Most of the series was massively popular but Halo 5 didn’t really hit as well with fans, meaning there’s a lot riding on the upcoming Halo: Infinite. Well, it’s the flagship title for the Xbox Series X. It’s been a long time since the game was first announced with very few concrete details as to what it’ll actually be. Fortunately, that all changed last night.

Xbox Party

Xbox kicked off it’s first-party software focused showcase with a few smaller announcements before diving right into Halo: Infinite, showing off what we can expect from what 343 Industries says is a “soft reboot” of the franchise. The biggest change/addition to the franchise: an open-world environment that will see Masterchief tackle a variety of missions and quests, in any order through a variety of tactics that most likely include shooting many scary aliens in the face.

Oh, and he has a grappling hook. Which, scientifically speaking, makes the game 63% better straight off the bat.

Considering that Halo has always revelled in large-scale sandbox maps and combat, the jump to an open-world is to be expected. It’s just so damn popular at this point in the industry. Beyond that, Infinite looks like older Halo titles. The gunplay still seems solid and controlled, if a touch underwhelming, and the enemy variety is diverse enough that encounters should feel dynamic. What we’re most looking forward to is hijacking a Banshee, if those quirky alien dogfighters are actually in Infinite, and flying around the expansive map.

Halo: Infinite is the first Halo game to launch on both PC and Xbox Series X via Game Pass later this year.

(Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun)


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