Data-only network Rain struck by security breach


When we’re not struggling with Rain’s connections nosediving of a cliff whenever we’re trying to play a game or stream a movie on Netflix, we can at least rest easy knowing that all our private information is safely stored and… oh no, wait. Oh, it turns out that might not be the case anymore as Rain has confirmed that it was recently hit by a rather distressing security breach that has user’s personal data possibly landing into the sweaty palms of some shady cybercriminals. Which is obviously just so excellent.

Don’t panic just yet, the hackers weren’t able to access too much of your personal data. The breach targeted Rain’s invoice storage system which sounds like it would be a major problem considering that invoices directly relate to payments. Yet according to CEO Willem Roos, speaking to MyBroadband, the information that could be gleaned from those invoices is “limited to your name and postal address”. Some people use their home addresses for the post, so that’s probably not a good thing altogether.

Hacked in the Rain

Yet on the bright side, it could have been a lot worse for users. Rain said in a statement that it, “does not directly store any payment-related information… This sensitive data is stored off-site with an independent specialist partner, utilising bank-level security.”

Rain also confirmed that it has already identified and fixed the security flaw, so you can all stop worrying. No word yet on who exactly could be behind the hack but the brass is no doubt already working with authorities to try and track down the culprit.


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