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The Facebook hack ‘only’ affected 30 million accounts — what we know about the Hackening

Additional information has surfaced that the Facebook hack that occurred on 25 September affected a total of 30 million accounts, instead of the 50 million initially reported. Yup, that makes us feel much better. Thanks Facebook. We already know what happened. Facebook’s ‘View as’ feature was compromised to give hackers access to user accounts. They started out with control of around 400,000 accou...[Read More]

Some WhatsApp accounts are getting hacked, here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you

Reports emerged yesterday that some Israeli WhatsApp users’ accounts have been hacked, and that the problem is sufficiently widespread that the Israeli government has seen fit to send out a warning about it. Leave a message The hack exploits the fact that many consumers never change their voicemail PIN from the default ‘0000’ or ‘1234’. Hackers use WhatsApp’s se...[Read More]

This time there can be no excuses about whose fault it was for 50m users being hacked

This time Facebook can’t blame a third party for last week’s major hacking of some 50m accounts, nor its seemingly scandalous use of cellphone details for marketing purposes when they were logged as security backup numbers. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, Facebook tried desperately to paint itself as the victim by an outside party that said it would delete user details but didn&#...[Read More]

Facebook hack reveals the perils of using a single account to log in to other services

Facebook announced on Friday that its engineering team had discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. Due to a flaw in Facebook’s code, hackers were able to take over an account and use it in the same way you would if you had logged into the account with a password. The company says it has now fixed the problem in its code and reset access tokens for those accounts – along w...[Read More]

Massive security breach affects 50 million Facebook accounts

Another day, another bout of bad news for the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. The company has announced that it was the subject of a massive breach that affected almost 50 million accounts. In a post on the company’s digital newsroom, VP of product management Guy Rosen says Facebook’s engineering team first discovered the security issue on Tuesday, 25 September. Who’s looking at you...[Read More]

With USB-C, even plugging in can set you up to be hacked

Plugging in the power – or at least what you think is power – to a USB-C powered laptop can connect your computer, and the valuable personal data on it, directly to hackers. Your personal financial information, passwords and documents stored on the laptop could help a cybercriminal steal your identity. The laptop may even be used to attack your employer’s computers and network. The European Union ...[Read More]

How everyday devices make you vulnerable to cyber attack – and what to do about it

If you run a business, you’re probably concerned about IT security. Maybe you invest in antivirus software, firewalls and regular system updates. Unfortunately, these measures might not protect you from malicious attacks that enter your systems through everyday devices. On the evening of Friday the 24th of October 2008 Richard C. Schaeffer Jr, the NSA’s top computer systems protection officer was ...[Read More]

The recent spate of hacked websites is a reminder that you need to protect your online security more than ever

All 3bn of Yahoo’s accounts were hacked in 2013, the search giant revealed last week, triple the previously stated 1bn, making it the biggest data breach so far. This followed the staggering hack of US credit agency Equifax last month, exposing the personal details of 145.5m Americans, including their credit cards details and social security numbers. It’s a stupendously big deal and confirms...[Read More]

Hetzner’s konsoleH Control Panel database hacked: What you need to know and do

If ever there was a way to handle a hack, Hetzner has nailed it. The web-hosting company last night let its customers know that its konsoleH Control Panel database had been compromised. The problem was an SQL injection vulnerability which the company says has already been corrected. Hetzner followed up their frank admission with a list of the actions they’ve taken since the hack was discover...[Read More]

Overcoming ‘cyber-fatigue’ requires users to step up for security

As a new presidential administration takes over, it will need to pay significant attention to cybersecurity. Indeed, we’ve already been told to expect “a comprehensive plan” for cybersecurity in the first few months of the new administration. But as a professional who has long been part of the global internet security community, I am pessimistic that the typical government and individual plans or ...[Read More]

There must be smarter security than a ban on ‘dumb’ passwords

In cyberspace we are facing password fatigue, caused by having to recall (seemingly) endless streams of (apparently) unrelated numbers and letters at odd times. One answer is to make those passwords longer and more incomprehensible. The logic here is that people have an unlimited capacity to remember such things, or perhaps they have an unquenchable desire to write passwords on yellow post-it note...[Read More]

Light Start – Zuck gets hacked, Star Wars hologram, toothbrush camera, and Uber late fees

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg’s Twitter, Pintrest accounts hacked Wait, isn’t Mark Zuckerburg the head of the largest social network in the world? One with a heavy emphasis on password security? Surely he wouldn’t muck around and choose a crappy social network password? Surely? Actually… yeah, he did. The damage isn’t severe, just a case of bruised pride as his Pin...[Read More]

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