Oculus rolls out multi-user support on the Quest 2


Last year, Facebook’s Oculus launched the Quest 2 into the world. Even though the VR headset features industry-leading tech at a reasonable price, it also introduced its mandatory Facebook account login — something its predecessors lacked… for good reason. 

Now Oculus is rolling out multi-user and app-sharing functionality in its Quest 2 headset. According to Facebook, the features are still experimental, which is why owners of previous-gen headsets won’t gain access right now. Multi-user capability is surprising, considering joint Facebook accounts were frowned upon throughout history.

Oculus for everyone

First, you’ll need a primary account holder (the one who bought and set-up the headset, probably), who will now have the ability to add up to three additional profiles under the primary. Each additional user would need an active Facebook account too — because it’s here where Oculus stores game data, friend lists, and chats. 

Each profile will be locked with a unique pattern — we can just imagine siblings trying to guess the other’s code, resulting in a locked account. But that’s just us. 

All users linked to a single device will have access to all the games and apps that the primary user has purchased. If you’re logged into multiple headsets, you’ll still only be able to access the games and apps on that particular one. 

It looks like Facebook didn’t brief devs prior to rolling out the feature, and only upcoming apps will feature app-sharing. In addition to this, a factory reset is in order if you plan on changing the primary user. Oh, and if you deleted your Facebook account, you won’t be able to use your Oculus account. 

Source: Engadget


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