Under Armour introduces its new Flow Velociti Wind running shoe, in SA from 18 March


Under Armour’s sports gear is among the most technologically advanced on the planet — plus, the company really has its product placement sorted out. The newest addition to Under Armour’s lineup is the Flow Velociti Wind running shoe, which is designed with “…responsiveness and energy return” in mind.

Globally launched this evening during a virtual event, Under Armour’s newest is destined for South Africa in a little over a month. It’ll turn up in stores from 18 March this year — here’s why you’re going to want a pair on your feet.

Gone with the Wind

Running shoes aren’t just foot coverings — Eliud Kipchoge proved that rather conclusively in 2019 when he completed a marathon in under two hours, thanks to very specific gear. And the Flow Velociti Wind has similar aims in mind for its wearers: combining traction and energy return capabilities with a very lightweight shoe.

These won’t speed you up quite as much as a seasoned marathon runner but you should shave a little off your PB. Under Armour’s gone and taken off the rubber outsole for the Velociti Wind, reducing the weight of the shoe by between 56 and 85 grams. The men’s shoe weighs in at 214 grams (for a size 9) and the women’s at 227 grams (for a size 7). The replacement foam is supposed to offer improved traction over the rubber being turfed, something we can picture in concept but really can’t wait to test out.

It uses Under Armour’s lightest midsole, along with new shoe upper technology the company calls UA Wrap. The company likens this mouldable upper to seatbelts for your feet, that provide “…tension when you need them and relax when you don’t – eliminating any buckling and pinch points”. This is supposed to improve the contact your feet have with the soles and, in theory, get you from point A to pub B much faster.

If you’re keen on getting your feet covered by a pair of Under Armour’s Flow Velociti Wind running shoes, you’ll get your chance here at home from 18 March. They’ll set you back R3,500 a pair and will be available from Under Armour’s local website and from the company’s retails stores.


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