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We at Stuff have realised that working from home has taken a bit of a toll on our data use. While we used to be able to simply head out and leech off of the office Wi-Fi, that’s become a touch harder to do nowadays. So, given that we’re all in desperate need to still connect to the internet, while not breaking our bank accounts and doing our best not to leave the house (plenty of variables involved in this equation), we thought we’d help out where we can.

Thus, from this week on we’ll be compiling a list of the best data deals you can hope to find in this lovely country of South Africa. That means checking in with Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Rain to try and source all the best deals for keeping you online and up to date.Telkom

Telkom Deals

Telkom’s current best deal from what we can discern is the SmartBroadband 60GB wireless package. For R400pm (for 24 months) you’ll be getting 140GB of data every month, split in 70GB anytime data and 70GB Night Surfer data. Right now, this particular offer also comes with 20GB of extra data, split 10GB for the day and 10GB for those night time downloads and updates.

If you’re looking for something more… unlimited, then you should probably check out Telkom’s 20Mbps DSL UNLIMITED home Lite package. You’ll be tied into a two-year contract (of course) but for the first six months you’ll be paying R400 per month and after that, the price will increase to R700 per month. There’s always an option to go higher or lower but that’s the deal that sounded particularly reasonable to us.

What about fibre though? Try out the 50Mbps fibre package for R900 a month. This particular line will allow HD streaming on 8 devices and even 4K streaming on one device. You could always spend a little more for 8K streaming but lets be honest, you don’t have the kind of monitor that even allows that.

If you’re more in the market for voice calls, check out Telkom Business’ new deal which offers unlimited voice calls for R199 per month.


MTN Deals

MTN’s current best deal is pretty compelling for both mobile and home users. For R350pm (in a two year contract) you’ll receive a sim card that comes packed with 100GB anytime data, 30GB of night time data and a bonus 20GB for the “Free MTN Home Bundle” as part of the MyMTN Choice 130GB package. That means you’re not likely to run out of data any time soon, even if most of your usage is streaming movies at home.

If you’re looking for a more solid deal for your phone, then you should check out MTN’s MyMTN Choice 20GB bundle, which includes a sim card and 10GB anytime data, 10GB night time data and 5GB “home bundle”. This will cost R150pm for a two year contract, as always.

Rain Deals

At the moment, Rain doesn’t have any particular deals that are pushed as “specials”, but the LTE ISP is still running one of our favourite deals. You can purchase unlimited 4G for any device for R480 per month. While that is pricey for a connection that battles to stream even HD video, the best part is that this deal doesn’t lock you into a two year contract. You can pay month-to-month and cancel whenever you want, which, in our opinion, is a very appealing notion.Deals

Vodacom Deals

The biggest deal Vodacom is currently pushing isn’t too shabby, if you ask us, but you’re probably better off looking towards other ISPs. For R200pm (in a two year contract) you’ll be netting yourself 60GB of anytime data as well as 30GB of night owl data. To sweeten the pot a little more, Vodacom is also throwing in a 10GB video ticket to make streaming movies and series all the more appealing and accessible. Still, there are better deals out there, but if you’re locked into Vodacom then we could understand why you’d be tempted to jump on this.


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