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Stuffed Ep 06 – Data leaks, kracked Wi-Fi and robotic buttocks

Stuff magazine’s Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson discuss the largest data breach to hit South Africa, the vulnerabilities discovered in the WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol, and the Ford Motor Company’s robotic bottom for testing the longevity of its carseats. Catch up on previous episodes of Stuffed over here. Or subscribe to Stuffed in iTunes or via the podcast app of your choice (our favourite is...[Read More]

Opera’s VPN app for Android: Privacy, security and vikings

We like online privacy. We dislike not being able to view content because it’s region locked. We like knowing the Wi-Fi connections we use are secure. We dislike being tracked by ad companies as we go about our business online. And vikings? Well, we really like vikings. All of which means we rather like Opera’s VPN app for Android that launched today. A VP-whatnow, you ask? A VPN, as i...[Read More]

BRCK’s Kio Kit is Stuff’s education gadget of the year for 2015

One of the perks of being behind the curve is that, with the right solutions, you can leapfrog said curve entirely. BRCK’s Kio Kit is precisely that sort of solution. It’s a digital classroom in a hardy, water resistant and lockable travel case. It’s designed in Kenya with Africa’s unique challenges kept in mind from concept to final product, and that’s what makes it ...[Read More]

Data disappearing? Turn off this feature in iOS 9

Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 9 has brought with it all manner of shiny new features. Some are excellent, but one in particular is a little suspect, promising a better mobile internet experience, if you don’t mind the associated costs, that is. And most of us, I fear, would rather have less-than-perfect connectivity than an inflated data bill. If you go to “Settings&...[Read More]

Orange launches free Wi-Fi in Cape Town, hints at ISP plans

French mobile operator Orange has partnered with the city of Cape Town to offer free Wi-Fi in Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain. Users will get 200MB of free data per day. The company also plans to offer paid data packages using the same Wi-Fi network down the line and has hinted at its plans to play in the Internet service provider (ISP) space in South Africa in the months to come. Sebastien Crozi...[Read More]

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