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You have a small business? If you don’t, maybe consider opening one, we hear they’re a great hobby to keep you going over the weekend… and constantly stressing throughout the week. If you haven’t started up a small business but the idea sounds tempting, then maybe you should consider Telkom Business’s new offer.

The company has just launched a new deal that will see small business customers only paying R199 per month for unlimited voice calls. Given how frequently you’re likely to use the phone in the office, there’s not a better offer on the market right now.

Telkom claims this offer allows customers who take advantage of it to save 30% on their voice call bundle, which sounds like just enough to make one whip out a notebook and crunch some numbers. Speaking to the deal, Telkom Business said that, “The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a great toll on small businesses across South Africa. Many business owners have had to close business or cut costs, including their communication costs, hindering business continuity.”

So this offer is to ensure some kind of economic growth in South Africa. For all those small businesses, sure, but probably more for Telkom than anyone else.

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So what’s Telkom’s deal?

You’re probably wondering what R199 per month gets you, a question the telecommunications company has kindly answered. The offer covers both line rental and usage and considering there’s no cap on how long you can burn through those minutes, that’s not a terrible deal right there.

It’s not gonna be around forever though. You can leap at the chance to pick this deal before July of 2021 but, after that, the fate of this offer lies in Telkom Business’s hands as they will review how successful it was. Just check out Telkom Business online to find out more about the offer and figure out if it’s worth your time. While you’re at it, you could also check out Telkom Pay, the company’s very own digital wallet. Or don’t, we’re not the boss of you.

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