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Reader Gadget of the Year mainStuff is putting together the winners of 2020 — the tech winners, rather than general winners. There weren’t many general winners last year, unless you owned your own government official. But there’s one award — the Reader Gadget of the Year award — that we can’t do alone. Because… well, we’re not readers. We just get to make this thing happen which, yes, does include a substantial amount of reading. But it’s not the same thing.

Making the Reader Gadget of the Year

Choosing Stuff‘s Gadget of the Year is a simple process. First we get a boat and a bunch of monkeys with the names of the nominees on their little shirts, , head out to international waters, give them all knives and… wait, that’s an episode of The Simpsons. And it’s horrifying.

Rather, the Stuff team settles matters using calm, sober discussion (at length) about which device is most suited to be our Gadget of the Year. Bribery doesn’t work and nor does begging, negging or… egging? Only cold, hard facts get a piece of tech to the head of the line. But this particular queue isn’t ours to judge. That one’s on you — our annual reader-chosen Gadget of the Year award relies on your opinions of what the best tech of the past orbital period was.  We’ve provided the nominees, and we want you to choose your favourites from the list.

The method

All you gotta do is scroll down to the form and select your favourite. That’s it. That’s all we need. That said, we’re not perfect. It’s entirely possible we overlooked something. We’ve allowed for that. If there’s something that should be on this list and isn’t, you can write it in in the last entry. If we get enough of those, we’ll add the gadget to the list of nominees — at the very least. It could even win.

As for your name and email address: we won’t be using those for marketing. We’re just collecting that info to make certain that no brigading goes on. Not that we’re expecting any, but you never know. We’ll be collecting votes until just before the first official issue of Stuff’s print magazine goes to print on 22 January. After that, if you haven’t had your say, then we’re afraid you’re out of luck. Just like real life, if you don’t vote then you don’t get what you want.


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