Anyone can now subscribe to DStv’s streaming service from R30p/m


Until now, only existing DStv customers (i.e. the ones with a dish on their roofs) have had access to DStv’s streaming platform. In case you’re a little behind the times, the company’s streaming platform is a hub  in the form of an app or web portal and plays host to most of DStv’s exclusive content and licensed shows and movies. Now, anyone can sign up to the Multichoice streaming service. Even if they don’t have a decoder.

“Until recently, customers could only subscribe to DStv through a satellite connection, which meant customers needed a decoder to access DStv’s content,” the company said.

How much is DStv streaming?

We would have loved to tell you that DStv streaming prices are less complex than its current decoder contract options, but they really aren’t. New customers choose from up to six different streaming options, detailed on the product page on its site. The cheapest of these comes in at just R30p/m. Called the EasyView package, it gives streamers access to 36 channels, most of which include locally developed content.

DStvUp a tier, and you get the Access package for R100p/m which includes 67 channels. Packages go up to Premium for R819, with its total of 159 channels. Pricing of the streaming options are very similar to those that include full DStv service. We had hoped to see pricing slightly lower, to compete with international streaming service prices in the country.

At this point, it looks like the Access package may be the best value — but here you still won’t have access to the full SuperSport suite, which could be a waste for someone considering for the service just to watch sports.

“We are led by our customers’ evolving viewing habits and how and when they choose to access our content. The option to use the internet to consume content speaks to how DStv continues to diversify its offerings with a clear intention to drive value and convenience for our customers,” says Nyiko Shiburi, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa.

The Multichoice-owned broadcaster recently announced its new lineup of Explora decoders that will offer streaming options like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But if you’re just interested in access to the DStv streaming app, these are your options.


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  1. Hi this is really nice now you have introduced streaming dstv with requiring a dish. Now I will be able to watch dstv with my phone at school. Thanks guys

  2. You are out of your mind. This is a rip off considering you still need data to stream. Netflix cost R99 \149 and you charge R849 , this is crazy

    • Someone finally said it. They have failed to think decimally, data is expensive on its own and they still charge mobile like they will provide data to stream unless they forgot to mention it includes data to stream.

  3. Ashley Coerecius on

    Pay over R700 and still use internet to watch dstv? No thank you. Think for yourself why people are disconnecting from dstv. Luckily there are sport channels that keeps some subscribers still active but if you didn’t have that you wouldn’t have had any subscribers. Drop your prices and you will surely get more subscribers back otherwise dstv will just go down the drain

  4. Given the poor way their website (which provides the information for their streaming packages) reacts and displays on mobile devices, not to mention the lack of immediate clarity about the packages etc, is enough to make one doubt the quality of their steaming service without even mentioning the ridiculous pricing structure….

  5. I Think Multichoice is out of tune when it comes to what people Actually want. Streeming mean I am going to pay for my internet and if I add subscription I am no willing to pay anything above 200 period.

  6. DSTV is a ripp off. Why would you pay R850 for this service when most channels have repeats. This is the reason we disconnected our premium subscription and only use Netflix for their amazing Price of R179 a month. Mental I tell you the prices we have to pay.

  7. Let us be honest…without SS rugby and to some extent SS3…the DSTV model would have come crumbling down like a ack of cards.

    This is a classic text book case of a business surviving based on capital accrued from operating as a monopoly

  8. Anton Potgieter on

    There really doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in the current decoder prices and streaming prices. In some instances their streaming price is R100 more than the decoder package???

    I was really hoping that they would listen to their customers and become more competitive with Netflix and other streaming services, but they dissapointed!!

    In summary they only provided current customers with another means of using their service, no cost savings or improvements to lure back their lost customers.

    Now if they included a 4Mbps uncapped fibre line with the Premium package, at the same cost, that would have taken some notice by new customers. In my opinion they dropped the ball with not innovating enough, and lost a lot of potential new customers. Oppertunity lost!!

  9. Get a few households with internet and data connections and pay for one subscribtion and share it login details. Splitting the cost of the subscription with defintely teach greedy dstv a lesson. Beat them at their own game.

  10. Dstv is crap. I watch sports, and paying that money only for rugby,,, lppffft. No thanx.

    Ill keep using other streaming services.

  11. I agree with the others…if dstv did not have sports channels they would be out of business. Infact i think their business model sucks. Why dont they have a package for sports?!! They play the same crap over and over. Data is expensive. Imagine im watching cricket the entire day…yes i might have unlimited data but those that cannot afford unlimited data?? Also most isp has a fair user policies…which in the end shows us again dstv dont think about these things. Has it all
    become about greed?

  12. Dear DSTV

    We all understand your situation…

    You need to lower your subscription fees, or create a sporty package or something.

    You guys are fighting a losing battle against Data(Fibre) & Technology(Smart TV) on a whole.

  13. What a joke? DSTV is like the ANC government. They rape you and make it look like they are offering you the world. All I say is. GOOD LUCK DSTV.

  14. The rule of sale will always be its not how little you sell at a high price but how much you sell at a low price which equils to higher profits at the end and gets more customers because you think about the little guy. Be smart don’t be a typical corporate.

    • DSTV doesn’t get it many people have flocked to NETFLIX because of their reasonable pricing. Imagine paying R800 for DSTV plus R1700 for INTERNET. I have ditched DSTV 5 years ago. I’d rather stick with my NETFLIX.

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  16. Tony Gambino on

    I dont want all those bullshit channels like all FAKE NEWS and other lame channels. i just need sport that will do. Why no sport only packet

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