The DStv Explora Ultra hits SA shelves with access to Netflix streaming service


DStv’s new Explora Ultra is now available, bringing streaming to the masses in SA. This time, you don’t need a smart TV to stream. Just the new decoder.

The new Explora Ultra launches in South Africa this week and brings more than just dish content — this time, you get access to Showmax and other streaming options too. “The first generation Explora launched seven years ago with updated versions of the device released over the years culminating in the Explora 3A decoder. The Explora Ultra builds on its predecessor with exciting new features,” the press release reads. 

What you get with the DStv Explora Ultra:

The Explora Ultra brings built-in Wifi capabilities and supports 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos. You’ll get a completely redesigned interface, which simplifies discovering and navigating DStv’s dynamic content on TV and streaming. 

There’s a new remote control that features some cool updates for the new system. The coolest feature is the addition of third-party streaming services, which really goes a long way to turn the Explora Ultra into the only streaming box you’d need to keep in your lounge. 

The DStv Explora Ultra will retail for R2,499 for the standalone device and R3,699 including installation, available to purchase at participating retail stores, online, and on Check out our breakdown of how much it’ll cost you monthly

Now how long will it take for the SABC to slap a TV license requirement on the the Ultra Explora? Given the way things have gone this year, we’d bet fairly soon.


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  1. Hannes Oosthuizen on

    Received new explora, installed out of a cealed box and boy it has problems. Non respinsive, freeze or hang. Can not change anything. Restart reboot several times and it might start working. Complaining to the installer his reply is that he is only responsible for the installation and reception or signal. I have to take the brand new, faulty explora to a DSTV customer service by myself

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