The SABC wants you to pay a TV license to watch Netflix


One of the unspoken benefits of using online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video or Showmax is that you don’t have to deal with the garbage of applying and owning a damn TV license. The SABC has required TV licenses if you both own a television and want to access any kind of programming. If you’re one of the smart ones that has long ditched conventional programming and adopted Netflix, then you’re probably going to be painfully annoyed to find out that the SABC is proposing that everyone who wants to watch Netflix pay for a TV license. It’s not the first time the SABC has tried something like this and still, I’m sure you’re aware, complete garbage.

Deputy Communications Minister Pinky Kekana presented the case to parliament that the standard definition of a TV license needed to be updated to better fit an environment where more and more people were migrating online for the media consumption. The proposal would essentially expand the current TV license system to require that video-on-demand services adopt the same policy that service providers like Multichoice have been using for years.

“How do we, through Icasa ,make sure that they too are able to assist us to collect TV licences but we are not only limiting it to TV? We also have other platforms where people consume content and in all of those areas that is where we should look at how we are able to get SABC licence fees from those gadgets,” said Pinky Kekana.

Of course, while you can want people to register for a TV license that does mean you can make them pay. Despite everyone using their TVs maybe more frequently than ever, “compliance levels have not improved and are expected to steadily decline for the remainder of 2020.” So sure, requiring people to own a license for Netflix will surely pay off.

This suggestion is being made to better supplement funding for the SABC which, as we all know at this point, is in some dire need of extra cash.

One of the better suggestions to come out the proposal was improved accessibility when it comes to sports broadcasting. The SABC insists that national sports must be made available to as wide an audience as possible with “a very affordable price”.

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  2. Dewald Meyer on

    This is great, firstly Pinky, the TV license was brought on by the consumption of SABC content. Even then, Funds were collected with the Ads you had running on those channels. DStv charges almost R1000 a month for each of their users, of witch there are several SABC channels, so you get your cut of that money there as well. The decision to move to netflix is within our human rights. If you don’t contribute anything towards that then how can you expect money from it? Especially devices? That you don’t pay for, with internet, that you don’t pay for, with electricity that you don’t pay for, with tv’s in our household that you didn’t pay for, TVs that we don’t even use to assess SABC content because nobody has time for outdated forms of media and antenna. 🤮 The only people you can get money from is DStv or platforms that support your chanels and the advertisers that advertise on there. Don’t get upset that something is doing better because your ship is sinking, just be better. Also we pay a premium each month to netflix because there are no ads and I can watch a whole season without interruption. You have struggled getting people to pay for TVs now in 2020 you want to take over their internet use and devices? Democracy or Dictatorship? This was a great read and a lot of fun trying to explain the situation. Please feel free to forward my comment to our beloved Pinky Pinky.

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