Of course, the OneDayOnly website’s crashing on Black Friday


It’s the one day of the year when consumers lose any trace of sensibility. Many go out and buy things they don’t need because ‘it’s a deal’. Luckily COVID has minimised the amount of retail-related accidents, but that also means everything has moved to e-commerce. 

OneDayOnly, the online retailer that features random product deals on a daily basis, is experiencing an online retail-related accident and its website seems to be crumbling under the pressure of South Africans looking for a deal. 

It’s just… these aren’t normal ‘deals’. OneDayOnly started a trend of announcing products at 100% off on its social pages, after which a limited amount of these products will be available on its site completely free-of-charge (you just pay for delivery). It’s a brilliant tactic that drives thousands of users to their site. Thing is, the servers never hold up. 

The same happened last year, when the OneDayOnly site crashed. This year, they seemed slightly better prepared by offering users the ability to buy through their own app. The app seems stable for now, but users are reporting issues at checkout, with app crashes the order of the day. 

Long story short: If you’re keeping an eye on OneDayOnly to grab one of its insane deals, try the app that’s available on Android and iOS. 


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