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We collect so much junk on WhatsApp that most of us probably don’t even recognise that it’s happening. There’s a constant flood of photos, memes and gifs to our devices and it’s such a pain to remove them. We imagine it would be a painful process… we don’t really get sent many images. Or messages at all actually. On the plus side, we don’t need to worry about a phone’s storage space being filled up with useless garbage! Yet if you’re one of those popular people, then you’ll be stoked to know that WhatsApp’s expanded storage options are rolling out to everyone’s devices now!

A few weeks ago we wrote that WhatsApp was running beta tests on a new storage management system allowing users to categorise and sift through images and videos, sorting them from largest to smallest. It’s a far more efficient way of clearing out space on your device and it makes the process easier by grouping recurring images that have been forwarded through multiple contacts and chats and deleting them all at once.

WhatsApp’s storage problems solved!

Thank goodness for that extra level of efficiency. With all the lockdown memes that every person was sending around a few months back, it’s nice to know our WhatsApps will be prepared the next time the country spams a meme about the president putting a mask on all silly like.

If you WhatsApp hasn’t been blessed with the new storage management tool yet, then just be patient. It’s currently rolling out to everyone and considering the amount of people who actively use WhatsApp, there’s a lot of distance for the update to cover. Of course, if you’re desperate to retain your storage space you could just turn image autosave off by going into the app’s options and toggling off “Save to Camera Roll”. Although that’s a how-to article for another day…

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