Apple’s reportedly building a search engine to rival Google


It’s easy to forget that the massive technology giants of the world actually just want to thrash one another. You see them sitting side by side during anti-trust hearings and one could be fooled into thinking that they’re all friends but let’s be logical about this. If Apple could tear Google’s figurative heart from its chest and crush it underneath it’s overpriced boot that didn’t come with a charger, it definitely would. Why does Apple’s boot need a charging cable? I don’t know, the metaphor got away from me for a second.

Apple’s Safari explorer has always been a pretty decent little search engine on iOS devices but let’s be real for a second: It’s nothing compared to the powerhouse that is Google. That’s why Apple is reportedly ramping up development efforts for its own search engine that’s powerful enough to rival Google. Sure, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Apple’s search for an engine

Skepticism aside, it’s not completely unreasonable to assume that Apple could be developing its own search engine. The latest operating system for its devices, iOS 14 has begun showing its search results and offering direct links to websites if a user searches for something through the devices’ home screen.

If we really want to dig about in the weeds, this evidence goes hand-in-hand with Apple hiring Google’s ex-Head of Search, John Giannandrea. This could be a sign that the company is looking at actively implementing its own search engine into its products and maybe even remove Google as the default search engine.

This comes in the wake of the ongoing anti-trust lawsuit and specifically after the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google, citing the reason that Google has “unlawfully maintained monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets.”

If the lawsuit hits Google really hard, they might be forced into removing the default status of its search engine from Android and iOS devices. This could be the reason Apple is seemingly integrating its own search engine into iOS 14 but this is all still speculation at this point.

(Source: CNET)


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