The LG Wing will cost you R20k and launches in SA on 1 November


With probably one of the most ambitions smartphone designs of the year, LG brings its Wing device to South Africa this week for R20,000 a pop. The LG Wing will be available from MTN from 1 November (this Sunday) while other retailers will only have stock from the 7th of November. 

In September. LG announced what could be the strangest smartphone design we’ve seen — a swivel-dual-display format. The Wing looks like a fairly a well-engineered dual-screen smartphone that combines a 6.8in P-OLED panel with a secondary 3.9in P-OLED screen. The secondary is designed to let users combine media consumption (think Netflix) on the top, horizontal screen with messaging on the bottom vertical display.

Wing ’in it

What makes it a pretty accessible device, is the ability to control media, GPS, messages and access notifications easily while consuming content. Video controls, messages and notifications will work on the bottom screen while your newest binge-watch plays uninterrupted up top. 

WingIt claims to have come up with improved camera options using a six-axis gimbal that’s built-in. This will allow for steadier video without needing to stick the phone into a difficult-to-balance contraption. There are pan and tilt controls, as well as the ability to lock on a specific target, on the bottom screen. It’s a little less ergonomic than a DJI Osmo Mobile but you don’t need to buy yourself one of those if you own a Wing… so there’s that.

Need one to test it out for yourself? Of course, you do. We also wouldn’t mind trying out the strange form-factor. As we mentioned, MTN will be the first to sell the Wing on 1 November, followed by Vodacom on 7 November and Cell C further into November. You can also pre-order the device on Cellucity’s website already. All for R20,000.


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