Someone tried to get the dirt on the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung’s handset proves it’s more durable this time


It may upset you to learn that some people make money destroying phones on camera. One of the best of these, a chap who goes by JerryRigEverything, took on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold back when the upgraded version of the phone was launched. The results… weren’t pretty. Well, friend Jerry is back to try and do the same to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2. By jamming some sand into the thing. Well, trying to.

Expect the unexpected

JerryRigEverything (the chap’s name is Zack Nelson, in case you were wondering) took the Fold 2 and subjected it to quite the torture test — for a folding phone, anyway. A handful of sand and dust was dropped on the phone, which… well, managed to keep said grit out of the hinge.

Of course, we wouldn’t be quite as interested if the Galaxy Fold 2 managed to let sand through — the first Fold did that last year. It’s newsworthy, not special, if the hinge still collects crud. But Samsung’s handset seems to have passed, at least on that metric — though there’s still a chance that it collects some fine particles in the hinge. Jerry/Zack didn’t disassemble the R50,000 smartphone for us, soo…

The YouTuber also reports that the handset scratches rather easily — but that’s the risk you take when you use the madly-expensive Galaxy Fold 2 — there’s a whole startup sequence explaining how to treat the display. Still, it’s good to know that it’s less inclined to collect dirt and hand onto it this time around.

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