After years of putting Zeiss in Androids, Zeiss is putting Android in a camera with the ZX1


Despite being named like an electric-green motorcycle, the Zeiss ZX1 is an incoming piece of camera equipment. Or, at least, that’s the theory. The Android-powered camera was first announced a few years back before parent company Zeiss went dark about its development. But now, it seems, the unusual camera is actually hitting the market. But it’s not going to be cheap.

So it’s quick, then?

Zeiss, if you’ve been paying attention, often sees its tech turning up in Sony cameras and Nokia smartphones so they’re at least familiar with Android and camera lenses being in the same place. But the ZX1 is supposed to be something a little unusual — a camera built around the Android OS rather than dropped into it.

In terms of spec, you’re looking at a 37MP full-frame sensor, a fixed 35mm f2 lens, and an electronic viewfinder. Which is all decent in terms of hardware but then things start to get a little weird. The Android OS we’ve already mentioned, and it’s built for this camera, but there’s also a 4:3 touchscreen, Adobe Lightroom is installed (on the camera!) from the very beginning and there’s also 512GB of internal storage, WiFi and a USB-C connection. Technically, you can edit images on the camera itself but we’ve got no idea how that would work in practise. It’s… a bit larger and more feature-packed than competitors from Sony and Leica but the price and that it’s such an unknown quantity… well, let’s just say you should tread carefully.

If you want one, you’re… well, you’re taking a bit of a risk. Its $6,000 (R98,000, plus change) price tag is designed to scare off all but the most impressively-funded photographers and its stint in development limbo might make you a little hesitant about what you’re getting for your hundred grand. Still, if you’re keen, you can pre-order your unit now. We’ve used B&H Photo’s overseas stores before and you’ll definitely get your kit — but, maybe, pay extra for shipping, yeah? Looking at you, JIMC.

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