Star Wars nerds, prepare your wallets – Lego’s got Baby Yoda launching end October


The really great thing about being a Star Wars fanatic is that a) you get to fight in parking lots with Star Trek fans every second Wednesday of the month and b) there’s always more Star Wars stuff on the way. Lego in particular is famous for its Star Wars sets and there’s a new one inbound. And this one’s… a little cuter than average.

Look, it’s not like you’re blind to images but can magically read text. You already know that Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is what we’re talking about. The new 1,073-piece set from Lego is called LEGO Star Wars The Child and consists of a buildable Baby Yoda of your very own, as well as a minifig of said cute li’l Jedi Master — because this thing’s going on display right next to your Darth portrait and the Death Star and that Star Destroyer and Han’s ship and…

Coming soon

The cute little fella is up for pre-order in the States currently and it’ll launch on 30 October — the same day the second season of The Mandalorian is out. Lego’s launches tend to be global, so expect it to land here at the same time (but the series… won’t). Pricing at home isn’t known but its $80 cost should come to about R1,400. If you’re going to buy one, you best be quick. We’ve got a feeling that Baby Yoda’s going to be sold out rather bloody quickly.

Lego’s Michael Lee Stockwell, who was instrumental in designing The Child, said “The goal was to capture the charm, and above all, the cuteness of the character, so we worked meticulously, choosing and placing each and every brick. We even included authentic details like the gearstick knob – a favourite toy of the Child as seen in the series.” We reckon Lego hasn’t done a bad job of it at all.


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