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Lego goes coding with the introduction of its programmable Spike Prime kit

Educational toys have come a long way from the 90s, where anything that might teach kids something was routinely considered boring as hell. There may have been spreadsheets involved. Now, if you want to teach a small person something that might help their careers, you can just grab them a mini-robotics lab or something. The 'or something' bit nicely describe's Lego's new Spike Prime kit, an engine...[Read More]

Lego’s first black-and-white set is here and no, we’re not taking the Mickey

Lego's monochrome 'Steamboat Willie' set commemorating the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse's screen debut goes on sale today.

Lego announces its own foldable device with an ‘infinite’ battery

Lego unveiled its new Pop-Up Book set, dubbed Lego Fold which takes a stab at Samsung's marketing for the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Lego’s Ford Mustang GT is here and it’s irresistibly cool

Want a Ford Mustang but your budget won't stretch to the repayments for a current one, let alone the 1967 GT Fastback you've always dreamed of? Have you considered Lego? Today the Danish toy maker's version of one of the most iconic muscle cars ever went on sale in South Africa. We were at the unveiling, where we got to peer under the bonnet and, um, flick the tyres.

Some of Lego’s hardest to find sets aren’t so elusive in South Africa any more

Every Star Wars fan we’ve come across would give anything to have a Lego Millennium Falcon centrepiece in their house, even if their significant others don’t think it goes with the decor. Or the bank account. Trouble is, in South Africa it’s traditionally been a struggle finding exclusive and hard-to-find Lego sets, so many couples have been spared the discussion… but not anymore. The first certif...[Read More]

Lego made a full-sized, drivable Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

It just just a couple of years ago that we were impressed by this time-lapse of a Lego Porsche 911 GT3 build, a task that took far longer than the compressed 25 minutes. We’d absolutely love to see how long it took to build Lego’s life-sized Bugatti Chiron, which uses more than a million pieces of Lego Technic in its construction. And if your first question is ‘Why?’ then y...[Read More]

Get your brick fix at the first certified Lego store in SA

We love Lego. So much, we’ll even forgive it the pain it induces when we tread on an errant brick. So you can imagine our glee when we heard South Africa’s first Lego Certified Store was opening in Sandton City. Last night the store played host to a media launch, with the brightly coloured doors opening to the public tomorrow. The work of Great Yellow Brick Co, the store includes a ...[Read More]

Would you play Lego Fortnite Battle Royale?

The small, family business that started selling small plastic building blocks, Lego, has created a special place for itself in pop culture over the decades. And it’s not so small anymore. Meanwhile, Fortnite: Battle Royale has been an overnight success with an average of more than 40 million monthly players only a year after launch. Now just imagine a Lego/Fortnite crossover. Now stop imagin...[Read More]

Hide your wallets: Lego’s making an official entry into the country

Distract your children, or at least make sure you get to Sandton City before them because the first officially-certified Lego store will be opening there at the end of July, along with an online store which will follow at a later date. Do you want to build a Deathstar? Just… no elbowing kids out the way to get to the counter, okay? The brand new store, set to open its doors on 28 July this y...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 02 – Lego, Ninebot and weighing gadgets

In case you missed it, we’ve decided to get chatty with a new tech podcast we’ve called Stuffed. It’s a 20-minute round up of recent tech and gadget news, and a chance for us to rave (or rant) about the gear, apps and other tech-related things that cross our desks, inboxes or paths. For this second outing, Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson talk about Lego’s new social network ...[Read More]

Lego launches Lego Life, its own social network aimed at kids

Just about everyone has their own social network. Hipsters and food photographers have Instagram, old people have Facebook, the younger crowd has Snapchat and the permanently-terrified have Twitter. What about the much younger set, though? Right, now they have Lego Life. Lego Life has been made for kids who are Lego fans and under the age of 13. As such, the available features are quite specifical...[Read More]

And now, a life-sized Lego Batman Lego Batmobile

If you’re not looking forward to the Lego Batman Movie then you should go and watch a few trailers and fix that. Right now. We’ll wait. Then, and only then, will you be able to appreciate this Lego build which replicates the Batmobile from the upcoming animated feature film. Which would be impressive any time when but it’s a life-sized creation by Chevrolet? Um, yeah… So we...[Read More]

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