GameCenter, Huawei’s new game service, is rolling out globally


While it may be tricky to get some Google tech running on your Huawei phone after that whole kerfuffle between Donald Trump and the Chinese tech giant, one group of apps that haven’t been impacted nearly as badly after the whole “trade ban” is games. The Huawei App Gallery is stuffed with games, good and bad, and the company is very much aware of this. Hence the introduction of Huawei GameCenter, a new hub that brings mobile gamers together to share experiences, enjoy new games and keep up to date with all the latest news. I mean, that’s what Huawei wants it to achieve. Who knows if it’ll actually do that.

Announced today via a press release, Huawei is in the midst of globally rolling out the Huawei GameCenter across “33 countries and regions worlwide” including South Africa. So what exactly is the Huawei GameCenter? Well, let’s look into that press release that was sent out, shall we? “GameCenter creates a one-stop game service platform and unique experience for users, providing game players with richer experience through two core services: content service and user welfare. With GameCenter, users can get access to the pre-order games, new games and popular games. Also, users can take advantage of exclusive online game packages and offers when playing the games, through which users can grow their profile, unlock further discounts and enjoy incredible benefits.”

Which is a decent amount to process at a glance, so let’s break down what benefits are earned upon signing up with GameCenter. Users will “Be among the first to know” about new game releases and updates, meaning they’ll be able to try them out early. Users will also be able to access exclusive in-game items and rewards contextualised to whatever game you’re playing. So if you’re playing Asphalt 9: Legends and you’re logged into GameCenter you’ll nab some rewards and unlockables only available to Huawei GameCenter users to use in-game. Neat!

The press release says nothing about pricing so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s free to sign up for GameCenter. You can pick up GameCenter from the Huawei App Gallery.


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