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Apple announces best iOS apps of 2018

Apps are a human’s best friend, and we’ve reached the part of the year when everyone decides which apps reign over the others. In Apple World that’s a big ask. iOS has consistently delivered some of the best apps we’ve ever seen. So when Apple throws out an award it’s for what is literally the best of the best. There were some surprises for the mobile iOS games of the year — we w...[Read More]

Apps to download this month: September 2018 edition

Every month the Stuff team sifts through all the apps… okay not all of them. But we vigorously try out new apps in a bid to find the best of the best for you, our readers. Scalak R28 / Android l R30 / iOS At first you drag a square piece to a square hole… but before long Scalak is like an exploded Rubik’s Cube, as you drag, rotate and match while steam shoots from your ears. Kotor R120 / Android l...[Read More]

Get on the Fortnite bus – even if you don’t own a PC or console

Are you ready to build and shoot and build some more? From today you will be able to sign up to be in line for an invitation to the iOS Fortnite Battle Royale beta. Why would you want this invitation? Because Fortnite is changing the (literal) game of multiplayer dynamics. We have seen a massive surge in free-to-play online games like Paladins and Fortnite that are changing ideas around paying for...[Read More]

10 old school games you can play on your smartphone right now

Week after week, a torrent of shiny new mobile games floods the app stores, offering in-app purchases like there’s no tomorrow. Despite their impressive graphics and meticulously calculated addictiveness, though, nothing quite warms our hearts like the classics of old. You know, the sort of basic button-bashers that had you hooked for hours, using little more than blocky graphics and a lot o...[Read More]

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