Things that weigh as much as the upcoming PlayStation 5 console


We finally know how much the monstrous Sony PlayStation 5 console will weigh. After the announcement, people speculated on the actual size and weight of the next-gen machine. Not surprising, considering the beast specs the consoles are repping. 

According to a listing on Amazon Germany (found on Reddit), the system is tipped to weigh 4.78kg. That’s almost a full 5kg, while the PS4 Pro (which is a chunky console in its own right) weighs just 3.3kg. The closest PlayStation in weight is the original PS3, which weighed in at a whopping 5kg — we all remember dragging that big boi along to friends’ houses for Skate 3 party play sessions. We’re still hoping for that backwards compatibility, in case it’s not obvious. 

Weighty considerations

But this is a 2020 console. We expect smaller, lighter and thinner in the tech world, not bigger and bolder. We’re guessing that’s not the case in the console world. After all, how much does your specced-out PC weigh? Thought so. We decided to compare the PS5’s weight with some everyday household items, so you have a better idea of what to expect on our TV stands. 

This isn’t an exact science, but if you want a rough idea of what the PlayStation will weigh, here are a few things to measure it against: 

  • An average household cat
  • Two chihuahuas
  • Thirty hamsters
  • An average-sized pumpkin
  • A 4-month old baby

Hopefully, this was a useful list that can help you pick the perfect spot for your upcoming next-gen console. The PS5 is a beast of a machine featuring some of the best hardware you can fathom in a console, so at this point, we don’t mind the extra weight. 


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