The PS5 may be able to play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games via the cloud


As the video game industry continues to grow and expand ever outwards, the problem of what people are meant to do with all their games from the previous generations is only becoming more and more of an issue.

With Sony soon releasing the fifth generation of its PlayStation, users have been begging for more insight on just how the PS5 will handle backwards compatibility. It seems likely that the system will offer some form of compatibility with older games but just how it will manage this…well, that’s still unknown. Still, we might have a clue which hints at just how it’ll be implemented within PS5.

A recently shared patent posted on Twitter by @renka_schedule hints at Sony’s potential solution to backwards compatibility and, much like every other solution these days, it’s all via the cloud. Translated from Japanese, “a number of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games can be stored in the cloud, and can be played via a virtual machine that emulates the original consoles’ operating systems.” The patent also hints that these games may feature playable demos.

Now look, don’t get your hopes super high just yet. A patent doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll actually come to fruition but if this leak is true…that’s a pretty big deal. Sony’s consoles have often been criticised for previously ignoring backwards compatibility in new consoles, leaving many players with stacks of old games that aren’t useable anymore.

Of course, if this patent is accurate and old games are playable via the cloud, how would users go about implementing this? Would they be forced to buy old games again or would there be a system that would enable them to prove they already own them? Doesn’t really feel like true backwards compatibility if you have to pay for your old games all over again.

Ah, don’t you love how unsure and paranoid a new generation of video game consoles makes everyone?

(Source: TNW)


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