Samsung to stop including chargers with some new smartphones from 2021 – report


Ask yourself, honestly, how many cellphone chargers you have at home. Unless you’re prone to losing them, odds are you’ve got a box of older cablers and charging blocks hiding somewhere in your house. Well, good news everyone! Samsung won’t be adding to that number in 2021, according to a report from Korean website ETNews.

Sarcasm included

In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re not entirely enthusiastic about the report. Samsung will apparently be leaving chargers out of the box for some smartphone models in 2021, the rationale being that it’ll make the handsets cheaper (and we desperately need that) and that most users already have a charger (or four) at home already. We can see the logic, but we’ve also been spoiled over the years. So taking cellphone chargers away feels… wrong.

But not everyone feels that way. Apple is also reportedly considering leaving chargers out of the box for this year’s release, and for similar reasons. The company may also introduce a new charger model that can only be bought separately (but which’ll charge your device even faster than before).

And we’ve also seen it with Nintendo 3DS models — some shipped without a charger at all, meaning you had to either have one from a previous 3DS or you had to buy it along with the device. What Apple and Samsung are (reportedly) attempting isn’t new. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Source: ETNews (Korean) via The Verge


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  1. Wow, they are doing what the Apple company is doing. I think Samsung company is coping Apple. Samsung is always coping Apple and trying to be better. I don’t like this.

  2. Honestly Samsung, Apple and whichever other broghtsparks out there choosing not to incl a charger obviously isn’t living in the meme world of 2020 when chargers are so scarce ( and sacred) not even our own sibling get to borrow them.

    Add the damn charger. The phone costs a fortune already.

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