Acer’s new rough-and-tumble laptop can literally repel water


It’s a real pity that laptops are so fragile. The amount of times that you’re looking at the screen of your laptop and feel an intense need to just lob the unit off your desk and into the shower for some technological water torture is ruined by the fact that the thing will most likely never function ever again. What an absolute bummer!

Oh, if only there were some daring company willing to try their hand at making a new range of indestructible portable devices that could be taken to any variety of dangerous and rugged outdoor activity! Acer heard the words of this heavy-handed introduction and have decreed that rugged computing will be a benefit of the present, announcing its new range of heavy-duty hardware: Enduro.

The Enduro range of Acer products is a line of notebooks and tablets designed to be as hardy as possible. Capable of surviving drops, extreme heats, excessive cold and even being submerged in water, an Eduro device is built to survive. There’s a bunch of different models in the Enduro line but considering the only one with a confirmed price and the release date is the Enduro N3, let’s focus in on that. With some pretty impressive specs, including internals that range up to a 10th Gen Core i7, 32GB of RAM (DDR4), and 512GB HDD, the Enduro N3 seems to offer all the sensibilities of modern hardware with even more durability. You can also throw in an Nvidia MX230 GPU but it’s not a great card. Besides, if you’re looking at a device like this, you’re probably not looking to use it as a gaming PC.

Weighing in at just under 2kg, it’s not exactly a light piece of hardware. It’s also quite chunky, measuring 35,56cm wide and 2.28cm thick. Yet the coolest part of the laptop is the inclusion of an Aquafan, a device built into the machine that prevents water from making its way into the internals. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aquafan, testers stuck the device in a running shower and demonstrated how everything continued to work perfectly afterwards. Cool!

“With an increasingly modern workforce, more and more mobile devices are being deployed in the field where they are subject to harsher handling,” said Andrew Chuang, Acer’s general manager of rugged computing, in a statement. “Enduro, our new line of rugged notebooks and tablets, was created to provide our customers with the durability and performance that gets the job done.”

Other products in the Enduro range include two 10-inch Windows tablets, the Enduro T5 and the Enduro T1. The T5 includes a swappable 10-hour battery and 7th Gen Intel Core m3 processor while the T1 comes with a portfolio keyboard and an Intel Celeron processor. Both have been built to withstand being drop-kicked by a bulldozer off Kilimanjaro. Acer didn’t say that, we did. Hopefully.

No confirmed local price or release date has been confirmed yet.

(Source: The Verge)


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