Here’s how to get a free copy of The Witcher 3, if you already own the game


Ah, The Witcher 3. There was a time before the Netflix series that Geralt of Rivia’s best adventure was a special nugget of entertainment relegated to those fans willing to sit in front of their consoles for hundreds of hours, completing every single quest they could find. Yet now that Henry Cavill has donned the silver sword and even more silver wig, more people have been dead set on figuring out just what The Witcher is all about and the best way to do that is the third game, The Wild Hunt.

Which is a little weird considering you might be left confused as to some of the story threads it picks up on but it’s worth mentioning that the third game is best to start on because, well, the first game is awful and the second game just misses the target of greatness. It’s difficult to imagine anyone not owning a copy of The Witcher 3 at this point but if you do own it and want to share the experience with a friend who’s stuck under a rock, now’s the perfect time as developer CD Project Red is handing out free copies to everyone who already owns it…if you sign up for GoG Galaxy.

Good Old Games Galaxy, CDPRs platform that unites user’s game libraries, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of The Witcher 3 by dishing out a spare copy for folks that integrate with Galaxy. So how do you do that? Glad you asked, let’s go through the process.

It’s actually pretty straightforward. Firstly, you can download GoG Galaxy here, which is obviously the most important step. Once you have it downloaded and installed, you can start integrating your different accounts. Head on over to “settings” option and select the “integrations” tab. You’ll see a load of community integrations and official integrations so just select whichever platform you want to sync with Galaxy; For me, I integrated my Steam account. Click “connect” next to the platform of your choice and you’ll be prompted to log in. It’s that simple.

Now you’ll have an extra copy of The Witcher 3 to do…stuff with. What’s better than one glistening Geralt in a bathtub? Two glistening Geralt’s in a bathtub.

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