Government wants to hand out free TVs to over 100,000 matriculants


Matric can be stressful enough as it is without being confined to a house or fearing the contraction of some kind of horrific pandemic inducing virus. Yet if you’re unable to keep studying due to the fact that all lessons have gone digital and you don’t have the hardware to support such a classroom, one can only imagine the pressure that places you under. Fortunately for all of those students that can’t afford monitors or screens to host those virtual lessons, the government is looking at helping out with some free TVs.

According to MyBroadBand, a fast-track tender was published by the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa which is looking for more than 100,000 “locally-manufactured 32-inch TVs” for matriculants on social grants. The TVs are meant to help those who can’t afford the devices and hardware necessary to comfortably utilise the virtual classrooms set up by plenty of schools across the country.

“The purpose of this bid document is to invite South African registered manufacturers and suppliers to submit proposals for inclusion on a panel of service providers who will be appointed to supply or supply and install the IDTVs to the qualifying 2020 registered Grade 12 indigent households who applied to the South African Post Office (SAPO),” says the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa.

The supplied TVs must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for the tender. The TVs must be 32″, HD LED panels, built-in speakers and a remote control including batteries. Learners in seven provinces are eligible to receive a TV, but this doesn’t include Gauteng so apologies for those local students that might need a new screen to work off.

(Source: MyBroadBand)


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  1. So lets do the math

    100 000 students with new “free” TV’s, multiplied by the annual SABC licence fee of R265.00 (broken down into the monthly R28 fee) equals an additional R3 million a month into the SABC coffers…

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