A new verification system will be added to Twitter, along with public guidelines


That little blue tick you can sometimes see next to popular people in Twitter carries far more weight than you might initially expect. Having a verified account can be a big deal for a personal brand or company and it’s always been a bit of a nuisance to have Twitter recognise you like the neglectful sempai it is. A recent leak might be turning that around though as some recently confirmed rumours have stated that Twitter is busy revamping its verification system while also implementing a set of rules to ensure folks blessed with that little mark turn out to actually not be awful.

First spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter has seemingly added a new option to the “Account settings” menu titled “Request Verification”. The addition of this feature as well as a new system of guidelines on the standards a verified account should uphold will hopefully bring some transparency to a system that’s been heavily criticised for its often cryptic requirements.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Twitter stated that the new guidelines will hopefully allow people to understand the process Twitter uses when implementing the verification stamp onto an account. While the process has and will continue to be an internal affair, making these guidelines public for the first time should hopefully make the process much easier to follow and understand.

As a whole, this kind of transparency is nice to see from Twitter considering the social media platform has often come under fire for its often obtuse rule implementation, especially when it comes to banning and reporting tweets and accounts. Seeing some kind of due process be made available to the public is exactly what Twitter needs more of, beyond the desperately needed addition of an edit button.

(Source: TechCrunch)


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