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For all you folks that stay up way too late watching random junk on YouTube, Google has announced that they will soon be implementing its Digital Wellbeing features onto the platform. The first helping hand, offered only by the YouTube app currently, is a bedtime reminder to try and ensure people don’t burn all their hours of necessary sleep on catching up with some vlogger creating a diss track on some other vlogger. Here’s how to set up your bedtime reminder.

It should be noted that at the time of writing this option won’t be available for everyone as Google is slowing rolling out the update from today. Still, good to know for when it eventually lands.

Go to sleep, you have a problem

So to find the settings that allow you to toggle the bedtime reminder on and off, you’ll need to open the YouTube app and tap on your profile in the top right of the screen. From here you’ll be shown a menu with a whole load of options to select but the one we want is Settings. Give it a tap and follow it up by immediately tapping the General option in the next menu.

Right at the top of the next menu, you should see what you’re looking for. The “Remind me when it’s time for bed” is what you want and after selecting that you’ll be asked to plug in time, because “bedtime” isn’t a universal constant across the human experience. If you don’t like being told what to do or you’re particularly invested in a video, you can always ignore or snooze the warning or set it to only prompt after you’re done watching your current video.

It’s within this same menu that you can select to implement “breaks” in your watching schedule. Just tap the “Remind me to take a break” option to toggle that on to have YouTube shout at you when you’ve spent too long watching trash in bed.

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