Say this three times quick: Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War


It looks like a leak just confirmed the name of this year’s Call of Duty instalment, but we’re also not saying it can’t change. Because… it needs to change.

Well, at first it was just a leak, now Eurogamer has gone ahead and confirmed that this will be the title of the upcoming game: Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Make sure to take a breath between ‘Ops’ and ‘War’ so you don’t stumble here. 

First, a trusted Call of Duty leaker (how is this a thing?) tweeted a COD graphic featuring the new title, albeit one that looks very edited. Is that font… Arial? Also, this image is from the BO4 marketing campaign, but we’re sure no-one will notice. 

To a time before…

It looks like Treyarch is going back to its roots, with a Cold War setting featuring the Black Ops franchise. “As the name suggests, Treyarch’s Black Ops series is returning to its roots with a historical setting. Treyarch’s series began in the 1960s, before leaping into the future for its sequels,” Eurogamer reports.

The history-fanboys should be excited for this one, as it’s clear the Call of Duty franchise is less focused on futuristic warfare, and sticking to old-school warfare. And, honestly, it could be brilliant. We’re excited to see what Treyarch will bring to the game this time around, especially considering it’s ground that has been covered so many times before. We’re cautiously optimistic. 

Our one worry already is the name. It’s quite a mouthful innit? We’re not even convinced by the acronym created by the full-length title (CoD: BO: CW), which is slightly worrying, but we’ll see what Treyarch pulls out of the hat this time. It’s bound to be a brilliant title nevertheless. That is, if they don’t go the Black Ops 4 route. 


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