Telkom’s existing DSL customers are being upgraded to uncapped data


Existing Telkom customers can finally go uncapped. This comes after Telkom’s announcement that the company would be slashing data prices across the board to accommodate the surge of people either confined to or working from their own homes.

So, to make sure you’re still in the loop and not missing out on anything, it’s important that you know about Telkom’s latest offer to consumers. In an effort to win over those that might have been burned by the service provider, it was announced that its DSL and ADSL line of products, the oldest internet connection that’s still running on those oh-so valuable copper cables, will receive a massive reduction in price. Yet what about those already stuck on a DSL line? They’re surely not reaping the benefits of these new package deals. Not to worry, because it turns out Telkom has a plan for all you folks.

If you’re already on a DSL line, then you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Unlimited Home plan which basically means you’ll be given unlimited data to do with what you want. Of course, this bump in data plans is only for six months, much like the vastly reduced rates in Telkom’s latest deal, so it might still be worth upgrading in the near future.

For those that missed it in yesterday’s post, Telkom’s latest data plans feature some pretty massive price slashes:

  • 4Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R199 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R329 p/m
  • 10Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R299 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R599 p/m
  • 20Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R399 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R699 p/m
  • 40Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R499 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R899 p/m

Some pretty good deals there, and even better for those stuck on DSL lines considering their upgrade is totally free. Time to queue up all those downloads you’ve been putting off.

Source: Business Insider


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