Telkom slashes prices on uncapped ADSL packages


With a starting price of R199 for an initial six-month period, Telkom is doing their best to bring uncapped Internet to households that previously could not afford the more expensive options. Honestly, looking at the deals on offer, these price slashes are pretty spectacular.

Look, we live in a country where access to the Internet just isn’t as cheap as it should be. It’s an unfortunate reality that plenty of South Africans just can’t afford to quickly jump online and while Telkom is no doubt an aspect of that wide-spread issue, it’s encouraging to see them also try and make the internet more accessible for everyone. With their latest slash in data prices, Telkom’s DSL packages are probably the best value for money you’ll be able to find anywhere. Just take a look:

Telkom’s DSL promotion prices:

  • 4Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R199 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R329 p/m
  • 10Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R299 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R599 p/m
  • 20Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R399 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R699 p/m
  • 40Mbps UnlimitedHome Lite – R499 p/m for the first 6 months thereafter R899 p/m

What’s interesting is the staggered approach to pricing, with the cheaper options obviously being used to accommodate those customers under pressure due to the lockdown. While the prices do increase after a six month period, they’re still not terrible options, especially for uncapped lines.

Steven White, an executive for product development and management at Telkom, stated “We will also be reducing the price of our existing Unlimited Home bundles that include a voice calling plan as well as mobile data. This product will be offered to new and existing customers who will receive the further benefit of higher speeds.” So even more good news for all those folks that still like making phone calls.

This price slash also comes after Openserve announced Pure Connect, a means of connecting customers to the internet without the requirement of a physical landline, meaning you’ll no longer need to rent a copper line from Telkom. Sweet!

(Source: TechCentral)


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