Apple takes another crack at the Magic with its new 13in MacBook Pro


The world continues as normal, at least for companies like Apple. New on the scene is another 13in MacBook Pro from the fruit company, to go along with the 16in model revealed in November last year. Ah, November last year….

Anyway, nostalgia for a simpler time aside, Apple’s revamped 13in MacBook Pro has one major change. A Magic keyboard, of the type found in its larger sibling, has completely displaced Apple’s ill-fated butterfly keyboard.

But wait, there’s more

It wouldn’t be a hardware update without more that just a freakin’ keyboard, now would it? Along with the improved typing experience (and the key lifespan that comes with it) is an upgrade to a 10th gen Intel processor, the ability to spec your notebook up to 32GB of RAM, a better three-microphone array (as seen in the 16in version) and Dolby Atmos support.

But… that’s all gonna cost you. The spec upgrades on the CPU and RAM side are paid-for options, with other Intel processors still being a thing if you want a cheaper machine. Whether the pricier spec bumps make it to South Africa remains to be seen but we should know that soon. Just bare in mind that, in the States, a 10th gen Intel-toting 13in MacBook Pro starts at $1,800 (R33,200) — and that’s before tax and before you scale the RAM up to 32GB. Expect it to be even pricier here in SA.


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