Spotify launches a Daily Wellness playlist to help you look after yourself


The collected assortment of podcasts and chill music is supposedly designed to encourage you to breathe a little easier and maybe just set your mind at ease for a while, which is probably something we could all do with right now.

Just because we’re into the last week of the national level 5 lockdown (hopefully) doesn’t mean that everything is going to be fine and dandy afterwards. Times are still tough for a lot of people, so if you’re still feeling incredibly anxious and under pressure, don’t worry. You have every right to be and you’re not the only one. So maybe you need just a little more self-love to pull you through these dark times and while music can be a powerful tool to influence one’s mood, you know what makes it better? When that music is curated to your personal tastes.

Spotify has announced the launch of a curated “Daily Wellness” playlist that will include a range of specially selected podcasts and tracks to help one practice mindfulness. The playlist will refresh every morning and night so there should be a load of content to help you practice your zen. The morning version will reportedly help you wake up and get psyched for the day while the evening playlist is all about helping you relax and get to sleep. All the content on the Daily Wellness playlist is determined based on your personal listening which should make the curation process nice and personal.

If you want to check out Spotify’s latest playlist project, all you need to do is head over to the “Made for You” tab on Spotify and you’ll find it hanging out there. Now just take a breath, hit play and relaaaaaaaaax.

(Source: Engadget)


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  1. I have been fan of Spotify for a long time, and this time as a paying user I feel offended with a list that aims to sell a product.

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